Narcissism and Moral Leadership

Constantine Sedikides, University of Southampton, UK


Narcissists are extraverted and dynamic. They are seen as “leader material” and preferred as leaders. Whether their conduct as leaders is moral, though, is debatable. Narcissists can energize, although they are often being manipulative in the process. Narcissists can go overboard with their zeal to effect organizational change, but may leave the place in ruins—not exactly a saintly practice. We will define narcissism, discuss perceptions of narcissists as leaders, and analyze their effectiveness as leaders, while putting it all in the context of moral management.


About Constantine Sedikides

Constantine Sedikides is professor of social/personality psychology and Director of the Center for Research on Self and Identity (CRSI) at the University of Southampton, UK. His research is on self & identity, and their relevance to emotion, motivation, cognition, and behavior. Constantine has published over 250 articles and 11 volumes. He is the past president of the International Society for Self and Identity, has served on international grant panels and the editorial board of various journals, and has co-edited the journal Psychological Inquiry. Constantine is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association, the American Psychological Society, the British Psychological Society, the Society for Experimental Social Psychology, and the Society for Personality